Salvage. Rescue. Evacuation.

As a result of climate change, the number of natural disasters has doubled in the last 20 years. Along with geological events such as tsunamis and earthquakes, other events such as floods, landslides and snowfalls, forest fires, are occurring more frequently, causing severe damage and destroying the infrastructure.

With its enormous load capacity and almost unlimited mobility on land and water, the PIONIER is the ideal vehicle for use in disaster areas. With the appropriate modules, it can assist in rescue and salvage, carry relief items such as medicines, drinking water and food, as well as ensure power supply and the construction of shelter camps. It can also be used for the reconstruction of infrastructure.



The PIONIER not only rides on difficult terrains, but also on any road, at up to 45 km/h. For longer journeys by land, it can be transported to the site of operations with a lowbed semi-trailer.

As a true amphibious vehicle, the PIONIER covers longer distances floating on any type of water bodies. It can be set in motion from a deep-sea vessel off the coast and swim to shore, independently.

The “small” PIONIER PI18 3660 is also suitable for intercontinental use. It can be transported by cargo aircraft to almost any place in the world. With a payload of 10 tons and the same driving characteristics as its big brother.