Technical vehicle data

vehicle modelPI18 5860PI18 3660
EngineCAT C18 six-cylinder four-stroke diesel
Performance589 bhp / 439 kW / 597 HS
Torque value at rated speed2.627 Nm / 1.400 min-¹
GearsAllison 4700SP 7-gear automatic
Wheel suspension12 separately for each section
Electrics24 V
Battery capacity760 Ah
Tank capacityNominal volume 900 / 1.400 l
Steeringmulti-power articulated steering
Brakespneumatic drum brakes
TracksRubber with steel reinforcement
Drive typeAll chain drive with differential locks
Gross vehicle weight58.000 kg36.000 kg
Load capacity30.000 kg10.000 kg
Maximum speed on land45 km/h
Maximum speed in water5 km/h
Structural space of first section3.720 x 2.980 mm (l x w)2.450 x 2.750 mm (l x w)
Structural space of second section6.570 x 2.910 mm (l x w)6.000 x 2.750 mm (l x w)
Trench / crevice crossing4,5 m3,5 m
Step crossing1,8 m1,6 m
Max. range800 km600 km
Tilt+/- 30 degrees Celsius
Gradeability / descent+/- 40 degrees Celsius
Turning radius16 m14 m
Total vehicle measurements16,10 x 3,10 x 2,80 m (l x w x h)14,00 x 2,80 x 2,70 m (l x w x h)
Environmental temperature- 50 degrees Celsius / + 40 degrees Celsius
Ground pressure unladen / laden145 g/cm² / 300 g/cm²
Traversable groundgrass, forest, sand, peat, moor, Marsh, beach, dunes, rocks,
scree, gravel, snow, ice
Waters that can be traversed without any preparationpond, lake, river, river delta, sandbanks, shore,
intertidal coasts, ocean, polar sea, shoals,
frozen waters