Reaction, rescue, attention: when it comes to human lives, all available resources should be used, but they are not always the most appropriate. Rescues in situations of floods, earthquakes, avalanches, destroyed roads and extreme weather conditions require specialized vehicles to reach the disaster area, and act quickly.
PIONIER is an amphibious all-terrain heavy-duty transporter with a payload of up to 30 tonnes. It surpasses the characteristics of traditional vehicles. With its powerful chain drive and innovative tandem construction, it can be used on all types of terrain and on any surface.
It overcomes inclinations up to 40°, trenches up to 4.50 metres wide and obstacles up to 1.80 metres high. It easily covers longer distances in deep water and at temperatures ranging from +40 to -50 degrees Celsius.

Modular construction concept for maximum flexibility
Thanks to the modular concept, PIONIER's manoeuvring possibilities are unlimited. With the appropriate modules, it can be converted into a water conveyor, a construction machine or a conveyor for emergency personnel and rescue elements. The modules can be designed to meet individual requirements and can even be adapted to the site of the disaster.
Due to these features, PIONIER is the ideal vehicle for disaster response and care, for transporting rescue personnel, first aid measures with medicines, drinking water, electricity and emergency shelters. It supports rescue and transportation efforts. In addition, it can transport machinery for the reconstruction of infrastructure.

CTM "Creative Truck Manufacturing" made in Germany
For more than 20 years, CTM has been building special vehicles for businesses and for organizations responsible for civil and rescue operations. The PIONIER is the result of many conversations with special customers who require an all-terrain vehicle that exceeds the capabilities of traditional vehicles, even under difficult climatic conditions in inaccessible terrains. PIONIER's high-performance components are manufactured by renowned european partners. CTM builds PIONIER according to customers requirements and performs quality control.
CTM-PIONIER was situated at Stand no. 22 at the Civil Protection Congress from 27 to 28 August 2019 at bcc - Berlin Conference Center