News - The coronavirus crisis, the civil protection and our project, the PIONIER

The coronavirus crisis, the civil protection and our project, the PIONIER

Last year we presented our PIONIER to representatives of foreign authorities and to private construction companies, as well as to organizations for civil protection.
Unfortunately, we had to postpone our participation in various events and the presentation of PIONIER by several companies in Germany and other countries. For example, we have postponed our participation in the Interschutz trade fair in Hanover until June 14th -19th 2021.

A visit or a personal meeting is currently restricted in many situations. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the world has changed and the people set their priorities in a different way. For our company, this has meant on the one hand, that we had to reconsider, plan and implement our strategies differently. On the other hand, we have seen that the prevention of natural disasters and the pre- and post-emergency measures, become extremely important to many public and private organizations. With our PIONIER and our technical know-how, we want to make our contribution to this.

People all over the world demand effective solutions and immediate action in case of natural disasters. The highest priority for governments in many countries are saving lives, securing supplies and restoring infrastructure. It represents the most important need of those affected.

The PIONIER is designed to enable the immediate response of the rescue services in the affected areas, where the infrastructure has been severely damaged during an earthquake, landslide or tsunami, without that a technical preparation is required. With the PIONIER, the rescue services can carry out post-emergency measures, such as the transport of drinking water and medical care, efficiently and quickly. The PIONIER makes it possible to save human lives.

We strongly believe in the technical advantages of our PIONIER and hope to bring our activities back, to present our technical development on the international market, as soon as possible. We will report our participation in international events on our homepage. We will keep you up to date.